Rainbow Pink
Creating beautiful e-comm photos for small businesses and brands.


We exist to make you look your best.



What is Rainbow Pink?
Rainbow Pink is a full-service photo studio creating e-commerce product photography and visual identities for businesses and brands. We’re located in Portland, Oregon and work with local businesses in the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

What’s working with you like?
It’s easy, honest and straightforward. Read more about our process here.

Who owns the rights to the photos you shoot?
The brands and businesses we work with own all of the rights to the photos we shoot and create for them.

How do I get my products photographed?
Easy - you’ll just complete our simple creative brief intake form which we send to you after you reach out to us, then we co-create a look and feel for the photos we’ll shoot for you. You ship us your products, we’ll shoot them according to your instructions, and send them back along with web-ready and raw files of your photos.

Does Rainbow Pink only shoot photos in a studio?
Yes, we only shoot our photos in a studio on seamless paper backdrops (we can procure almost any color) to make your products really stand out.

Will you help me come up with a creative style that fits my product line and brand?
Absolutely! We will learn about your brand’s aesthetic and vibe so we can create images with proper lighting, depth, and color that are on-brand and will set you apart.

How much does a typical shoot cost?
Our project minimum is $1,500 and your final cost will depend on the number of products you need to have photographed, if you need models, props, etc. to achieve your photo vision, and the final number of photos needed. We require a 50% deposit upfront and 50% upon delivery of assets.

Do you have any special offerings for non-profits or social impact companies?
Absolutely. Our owner, Andy Ives, has both worked for and helped run non-profits and knows firsthand the challenges they face when trying to create great photos at a reasonable price. Traditional photo studios are expensive and navigating photo rights and usage with photographers can be confusing and intimidating. Rainbow Pink is a partner to social impact businesses and non-profits — helping to navigate the complex world of e-commerce photography. Reach out, and let’s talk about how we can help.

When can I expect to receive my photos?
Typically two weeks from when we receive your products, depending on the number of products and scope of the creative brief.

Is there anything you don’t shoot?
If it’s legal in Oregon and fits on our stage, we’ll shoot it. We usually don’t involve hair and makeup stylists, so that means any products with models would be shot without full faces. If you need models shot with full faces please reach out and let’s discuss.

Sometimes your contact page says you’re not accepting any new clients — what gives?
Occasionally we’ll have a lot of requests come in at the same time, we get booked up and we can’t take on any new clients. While this is rare, we believe in doing quality work, and when you’re overworked, you’re not doing great work. If you see that message on the contact page, please send us a note — but know it could take us a little bit longer to get back to you to schedule your shoot.